Inventory page for URIs

Here is a link to the original version of the CTS Catalogue of SAWS texts and related texts. The catalogue gives the CTS reference for each text and for individual parts of each text. To investigate our CTS identifiers in more detail, you can use the query forms here.

For a plain list of all the texts encoded by SAWS and the identifiers for these texts, as electronic documents, see here

We use software provided by the Homer Multitext project to power our CTS identifiers "behind the scenes". The Homer Multitext project are (at the time of writing) updating the supporting software for CTS, from a Google AppEngine implementation to a SPARQL/RDF-based implementation. For legacy purposes, the old version of the CTS Services for SAWS (including the catalogue of texts) can be found here. Please bear in mind that this page will no longer be updated. 

Documentation for CTS (Canonical Text Services) references and CITE references can be found via the Homer Multitext project documentation pages.