The Methodology section presents the work of the SAWS digital humanists: Anna Jordanous (knowledge modelling and CTS), Faith Lawrence, Keith Lawrence (developers) and Charlotte Tupman (XML and training). To your left you can find information to introduce you to the SAWS approach to editing, viewing and analysing texts.

Introduction to Semantic Web: A gentle introduction to the Semantic Web technologies we have used within SAWS.

Markup guidelines: TEI markup guidelines to help you mark up your own texts using TEI XML, following the SAWS approach.

The ontology: The list of relationships that you can use to describe links between your texts (or within a text, from one part to another).

Using CTS references: Information on how we have used CTS references within SAWS, to create references for all texts and parts of texts that we have published within SAWS. This is intended as a guide to help you if you wish to follow a similar approach.

Extracting and publishing data from texts using XSLT: XSL Stylesheets to help you transform XML files from one type to another, to extract different types of information from TEI files

Software to install: Information on what software we have used within the SAWS approach. This is intended as a technical guide to help you follow a similar approach.

SAWS in Pelagios: Information and links to resources helping you to explore the geographical information enclosed within SAWS texts (using the Pelagios approach).