Data exploration and visualisation

Viewing and investigating the relationships in and between SAWS texts

The SAWs RDF data is available as an RDF/XML file dump. However this is not so easy to explore (unless you specifically want the data in this format).

There are other options for looking at the data generated within SAWS (i.e. the links between/within texts and information about those texts and what works they represent).

Visualisations (RelFinder)

Using this tool, you can see and explore a visual representation of the RDF links in SAWS

Exploring the places mentioned in SAWS texts (Pelagios)

You can look at and explore information about geographical places mentioned in SAWS texts, through PELAGIOS

Data querying/browsing


We have set up a public SPARQL endpoint for SAWS RDF data (through a SNORQL interface).

Alternatively to run SPARQL queries through the browser, use /sesame/repositories/saws?query= and append your query to the end. For example: 

  • This query returns 20 examples of where the relationship 'isVersionOf' is used
  • This query returns a description of the text ContentItem referred to as /cts/urn:cts:sawsTexts:MSH.Mukh.sawsKar01:alexander.div1.ci53.n1