Arabic philosophical collections

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Arabic Philosophical Compendia and Excerpts of Arabic and Latin Philosophical Texts

Texts established by Christoph Storz and Elvira Wakelnig

ISBN 978-1-897747-28-5



a. Anonymous, Kitāb al-Ḥikma (2013)

Established from the MS Esad Efendi 1933 by E. Wakelnig

Cite as: Anonymous, Kitāb al-Ḥikma (SAWS edition, 2013)

CTS reference: /cts/urn:cts:sawsTexts:EE1933.KHik.saws01


b. Anonymous, Kitāb Arāʾ al-Ḥukamā’ fī l-ṭabīʿīyāt (2013)

Established from the MS Ayasofya 2450 by E. Wakelnig

Cite as: Anonymous, Kitāb Arāʾ al-Ḥukamā’ (SAWS edition, 2013)

CTS reference: /cts/urn:cts:sawsTexts:AS2450.KAHuk.saws01


c. Ps-Aristotle, Kitāb al-Ḥaraka (2013)

Established from the MS Hacı Mahmud 5683 by E. Wakelnig

Cite as: Ps-Aristotle, Kitāb al-Ḥaraka (SAWS edition, 2013)

CTS reference: /cts/urn:cts:sawsTexts:HME5683.KHar.saws01


d. Miskawayh, al-Fawz al-aṣġar (excerpts)

Established from Ṣ. ʿUḍayma and R. Arnaldez,  Le petit livre du salut, by E. Wakelnig

Cite as: Miskawayh, Fawz (excerpts) (SAWS edition, 2013)

CTS reference: /cts/urn:cts:sawsTexts:Misk.Fawz.sawsUda01


e. Proclus, Elements of Theology (excerpts)

Established from Dodds ed., Elements of theology, by E. Wakelnig

Cite as: Proclus, ET (excerpts) (SAWS edition, 2013)

CTS reference: /cts/urn:cts:sawsTexts:tlg4036.tlg005.saws01


f. Proclus, Elements of Physics (excerpts)

Established from Ritzenfeld ed., Institutio Physica, by E. Wakelnig

Cite as: Proclus, EP (excerpts) (SAWS edition, 2013)

CTS reference: /cts/urn:cts:tlg4036.tlg006.saws01


g. Summa Alexandrinorum (excerpts)

Established from: Marchesi ed., L'Etica Nicomachea, by C. Storz

Cite as: Summa Alexandrinorum (excerpts) (SAWS edition, 2013)

CTS reference: /cts/urn:cts:tlg0086.tlg010-SA.sawsMar01