Software to install

Software that SAWS Text Editors will need

  • An XML editor, preferably with XSLT support (we use Oxygen)

Technical support notes

To use the SAWS approach, you will need to install various software on your server. Here is a list of what SAWS uses, as a guide: 

  • * The Folioscope SAWS viewer software - for viewing and exploring documents 
  • * Web CMS software (SAWS uses Django) - for publishing web pages to support your digital edition
  • * Apache Tomcat - for running various web apps - in SAWS our webapps include kiln, sesame, solr, saxon and CTS software
  • * kiln - for publishing and storing TEI files
  • * An RDF triplestore (SAWS uses sesame) - for storing the RDF data and also (recommended) supplying a SPARQL endpoint for queries
  • * Apache Solr - for indexing
  • * A CTS installation (SAWS uses an adapted version of the software provided by Homer Multitext project - we recommend you check their documentation for the latest CITE/CTS support software available) -software for supporting CTS references so that they identify their relevant texts
  • * RDF tools (SAWS uses RelFinderfor visualisation and exploration of the RDF data