Ines Dallaji

started working part time for the project as a doctoral researcher upon the completion of her masters in Arabic Studies in Nov. 2010. She is currently digitising and marking up the texts of the Ṣiwān al-ḥikma tradition. Her research interests are Arabic dialects (Tunisian) and popular Arabic culture. Her Ph.D. focuses on the influence of rap music on the revolution in Tunisia.

Lorenz Nigst

worked as a part time doctoral researcher for the project from its beginning in mid-June 2010 to January 2011 when he finished his Ph.D. on Ibn Tamiyya. He digitised, collated and started on the mark up of the K. al-Saʽāda. He is currently doing research on the term baraka and the concept of sainthood in the Arabic world.

Stephan Procházka

professor of Arabic Studies at the Oriental Department of the University of Vienna, is the project leader of the Viennese research group. His research interests are Arabic dialects and popular Arabic culture and religion.

Christoph Storz

did an internship at the SAWS project from May to September 2011, comparing Mubashshir’s Arabic entry on Aristotle with the corresponding entry in the SpanishBocados de Oro. He is currently finishing his masters in at the University of Halle and is planning a new edition of the Bocados.

Elvira Wakelnig

Joined the SAWS project as a full time postdoctoral researcher upon completion of her three years’ AHRC project at the University of Warwick to edit the Philosophy Readercontained in the Bodleian manuscript Marsh 539 in November 2010. She is currently working on the edition of the K. al-Ḥaraka and the Kitāb fīhi arā’ al-ḥukamā’. Her research interests are the transmission of Greek philosophy into Arabic and Arabic philosophy.